Tony Barnum

Danone North America Knowing the L.A. Roser team is on my side helps me sleep at night. I don’t have to worry about my ammonia systems because they are there when needed and often times even before I know they are needed.

Jimmy Scott

Costco L. A. Roser company has responded to our refrigeration needs when ever we have contacted them. They have been very successful in trouble shooting areas of concern. Coming up with a solution and following through with great service to resolve the concern. They have been ready to help in all areas of refrigeration. They respond quickly when called into service and stay with the job until satisfactorily completed.


Maintenance Manager Payson Fruit Growers L.A. Roser has been the go to Refrigeration Contractor for 30+ years at Payson Fruit Growers. We have always depended on them for great service. They are committed to make things work efficiently. Their workmanship is always top notch, and the individual roles of their entire staff is a big part in the partnership we have created with them over several years of doing business with them.

Linden Abshire

Associated Foods Roser company has always done a great service for us.  We will continue using them for a long time.