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North Salt Lake, UT

Industry: Cold Storage
Markets: Grocery Distribution
Services: Construction, Service, Engineering, PSM, Insulation
Type of Facility: Distribution Facility
Size: 250,000 sqft

Scope: The Louis A. Roser Company has performed a variety of projects for this Albertsons/Safeway facility. The most recent projects include:

2020 – Freezer Evaporator Replacement. The goal was to reduce the temperature of the freezer for ice cream storage. Four old evaporators were removed and replaced with new, higher capacity evaporators. The valve stations were modified to improve the hot gas defrost efficiency and the new piping was re-insulated.

2019 – P&ID Validation and verification. As with most facilities, as time elapses and changes are made, the record keeping starts to be more difficult. The LA Roser team created new P&IDs and independently 2nd and triple checked them for accuracy.

2019 – Insulation repairs were made to their system. Our expert team of insulators tackled this project in a timely manner. In doing so, the vessels were checked for proper wall thickness.

2019 – An Anhydrator was installed to remove the moisture from the refrigerant of this aging system. Once the Anhydrator was installed, over 55 gallons of water was removed from the ammonia within the first three weeks.

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