Our team of compliance experts is well versed in the regulatory requirements necessary for your facility to operate safely, efficiently, and in accordance with the law. Whether you have 500 or 50,000 lbs of ammonia, we look forward to helping you understand and achieve the OSHA, EPA, and local regulatory obligations of your ammonia refrigeration system. Some services offered by our department include:  

PSM/ARM Organization and Management Support

  • PSM Guideline Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development
  • Management of Change Assistance
  • Training Program Development
  • Emergency Action Plan Development
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Development

Onsite Audits and Inspections

  •  Mechanical Integrity Audits
  • PSM/ ARM Program Compliance Audits
  • Process Hazard Analysis Facilitation
  • Ultrasonic Pipe and Pressure Vessel Testing
  • Safety Cutout Systems Testing

PSM and Engineering

  •  P&ID Generation & Updating (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams)
  • Pipe Labeling and Valve Tagging
  • Process Safety Information Compilation
  • Pressure Relief System Design Calculations and Valve Replacements
  • Ammonia Inventory Calculation
  • Energy Balance Calculations
  • Machinery Room Ventilation System
  • Compliance Calculations