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Danone North America

Salt Lake City, Utah

Year Completed: 2018


Danone purchased an old dairy processing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Due to the change to an Ultra-Pasteurized process of the organic products, most of the facility was gutted, and new equipment was installed. 


As part of this remodel Louis A. Roser Company had the privilege of working with Hill & Wilkinson out of Texas, and with Hixon Engineering out of Ohio.  We all worked together to create an incredible refrigeration system for Danone.  A short list of some of the major items we performed is listed below 


  • Opened and performed UT inspection on tubes of Shell and Tube HXs 
  • Installed new Glycol cooling system including 
  • New piping throughout the facility 
  • New Flooded plate and frame HX package from Evapco 
  • New glycol storage tank and pumps 
  • Installed new Ammonia compressors from Frick 
  • Retrofit of existing recirculator 
  • Added a liquid ammonia transfer pump 
  • Installed new cooling water storage tank and pump system 
  • Installed new fluid coolers 
  • Installed a new ammonia diffusion tank 
  • Installed new Evaporative Condenser 
  • Assisted with controls changes and coordination 
  • Provide PSM/RMP start-up assistance 


We continue to support Danone on a regular basis, and we value their relationship. 

This was a complex project that was performed within a very tight schedule.  Well done team! 

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