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Schreiber Foods

Logan, Utah

Year Completed: 2020

Scope:In 2019 Schrieber added a new Yogurt processing line.  We modified their existing ammonia refrigeration system to give them additional glycol cooling capacity.  This included the installation of compressors, condensers, recirculator, and plate and frame ammonia to glycol HX skid.  We also assisting in the re-assembly of cooling tunnel that was moved from a different facility. 

We started by taking a 3D scan of the existing mechanical areas.  We developed 3D models of the existing equipment and piping, and then we inserted all the new equipment, piping, and valves into the model.  This allowed us to review the layout with the great people at Schreiber’s to ensure they were happy with the piping and valve locations.  It also allowed us to fabricate much of the piping in our shop, thus reducing the overall cost of the project. 

In 2020 we made additional modifications to support a new process line that was installed.  This included hundreds of feet of new glycol piping, converting a flooded ammonia to glycol HX to Direct Injection, and the removal of the surge drum to reduce ammonia inventory.  We also cleaned the HX plates and added new ones to increase the capacity of the unit. 

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