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Maverick Center

Salt Lake City, Utah

Year Completed: 2019

Scope: The Engineering team at Louis A. Roser Company was asked to evaluate the equipment at Maverik center and offer suggestions to run more efficiently and prolong the life of the facility, both with and without the ice floor in place. 


Our design was approved, and we worked with Lewis Young Robertson and Lux Energy to remove some of the aging equipment and install: 

  • A new Ammonia Compressor with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 
  • New Evaporative Condenser and Cooling Towers 
  • Ammonia to Brine HX for the ice floor 
  • New Brine Pumps and associated piping 
  • Ammonia to Glycol HX for arena comfort cooling 


The retrofit went well, it works wonderfully, and looks amazing.  Best of all, the soft ice issues are resolved, and they have reduced electrical costs.  

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